Dig in the Dancing Queen

Portrait of Ileana Nadine dancing; black and white.

Nadine Mauricio is a Columbia College graduate. Originally from Aurora, Illinois Nadine made her way to the great city of Chicago to pursue her passion in dance. Having excess amounts of energy at the age of two, she had developed a strong connection to dancing. By ten years-old Nadine joined the competitive dance team for Stephanie's Academy of Dance, traveling and competing at a national-level up until 2012. In 2008 She preformed at the Orange Bowl Half-Time Show under the direction of So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Mandy Moore. As a competition dancer, she has won several awards and recognitions throughout the years: In 2010 she was the recipient of the All-Star Scholarship at the Hall of Fame Dance Competition, in 2011 she was invited to dance as a Dancer of the Year recipient program through Dance America, 2013 she was awarded the Young Choreographer Award at both the Regional and National competitions for Dance America, and in 2016 Nadine's small group competition team took home 2nd overall at Starbound Dance Regional and National competitions in Chicago. Nadine is currently continuing her dance training and teaching throughout the Chicagoland area.