Beginning Tap

"Breakin' Up" | Xtreme Dance Force May 2015

Beginners Tap learning pullbacks | 2015
Tappers shuffling backwards into formation | 2015
Beginning Tap class practicing choreography for Spring Recital | 2015

Tap Dance is a rhythmic form of dance, by use of metal plates on the ball and heel the shoes, we are able to express emotions without uttering a single word. "Breakin' Up" was created as a study with my Beginner Tap class to see how we can implement emotion without words. Our outcome became an explosion of freedom and the joy that seeps through its pores.

Beginning Jazz

"Hood" | Matli' Dance Academy June 2016

Strike a pose Beginners Jazz | 2016
Beginning Jazz practicing retiré | 2016
Beginng jazz class working on jazz walks across the floor | 2016

Jazz can be interpreted in many different styles; personally I tend to incorporate Modern with Jazz creating an abstract form. In my piece titled "Hood" I encouraged by Beginner Jazz class to cut shapes out of the air with their bodies. It's a technique I learned through extensive training in Graham/Horton Technique.

Creative Movement

"Tonight" | Matli' Dance Academy June 2016

Learning partner work for spring recital | 2016
Warm-ups and streches creative movement | 2015
Introducing ballet positions in creative movement | 2016

Creative Movement is a class stimulated by the imagination. By far this is my favorite class to teach, not only does this enhance creativity for my students it allows young dancers to awaken their many ways of communicating. In the piece "Tonight" my 4-6 year old students were told to have a happy memory in their mind as they danced and without fail, the inner-self out-shinned their insecurities.